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While septoplasty involves the correction of anatomical osteocartilaginous abnormalities that prevent proper nasal respiration, and rhinoplasty aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose, we refer to Rhinoseptoplasty when both operations are performed simultaneously, thus improving both the respiratory and aesthetic appearance of the nose. It is best when the surgery is performed by a single operator, without incurring in the wrong practice, very widespread, in which the otolaryngologist deals with the correction of the respiratory aspect and the plastic surgeon corrects the external aspect of the nasal pyramid. It is highly advisable to conduct the surgical act under general anesthesia, ensuring greater safety for the patient and at the same time, allowing the surgeon to operate more easily. In its closed approach, no external cuts are foreseen. At the end of the surgery, nasal packing is carried out and left for at least three days and an external restraint made with band-aids and braces and left for about a week. Twenty days, after unpacking, is the minimum recovery times before slowly resuming to regular activities.

Rhinoplasty Malta - Dr. Agatino GALLETTA

Dott. Agatino Galletta
Otolaryngology Specialist - Nose Surgeon

Dr. Agatino Galletta was born in Catania in 1965, he graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Catania in 1989 and specialized in Otorhinolaryngology in 1993 and worked in public structures until 2015. Today, Dr. Galletta is a professional, receiving his patients in the new Center in Via Ingegnere 47, Catania and performs his surgical procedures at the Casa di Cura Gibiino in Catania.